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Cosmetic dentistry is a fun and fantastic branch of cosmetic dentistry that can help improve the physical appearance of your smile. In some ways, cosmetic dentistry has been used to protect a tooth or repair damage to your teeth. However, cosmetic dentistry strictly focuses on the physical appearance to improve your teeth, so you can have a stunning smile.

Our dentist, Dr. Jorge Rico, is pleased to help you with your cosmetic dental needs. That is why our team at Rico Dental in Elk Grove, California, is excited to explain the basics of cosmetic dentistry to you.

In a nutshell, cosmetic dentistry offers a list of services that can be applied to improve your smile’s look. Depending on your specific teeth situation, your dentist will be able to decide which treatment would be an option for you and your particular needs.

Here are some ways cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile:

– Lift your self-esteem by refining the appearance of your teeth.
– Improve your oral health with the use of specific dental procedures or through proper alignment.
– Repair any dental damage to your teeth from any accidents or cavities to restore the natural appearance of your teeth.
– Transform the shape, color, or location of the teeth in your smile to offer a more natural, professional, and beautiful smile.

Do you still have questions about cosmetic dentistry? Are you ready to have your dream smile? If so, call us today at 916-684-8200 to make an appointment. Our team is excited to schedule you a consultation and see how best to improve your smile’s appearance.