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Are you aware of what is causing your sensitive teeth? Did you know that sensitive teeth could be a warning sign something is wrong? The good news is our dentist, Dr. Jorge Rico with Rico Dental in Elk Grove, California, is here to provide you with some fundamental causes of sensitive teeth.

Your teeth contain several layers. The outer layer, known as your tooth enamel, is a protective element and extremely sturdy and strong. However, tooth decay can eat away your tooth enamel revealing other areas of the tooth that could be causing you pain. If your gumline seems to recede due to gum disease or severe cavities, your tooth root could be unprotected which can also cause you pain.

Cracked teeth or fractured teeth can also trigger sensitive teeth. If your teeth are not restored this can lead to further damage to your tooth enamel and can become painful over time. If it is a small crack, your food or beverage can spark random sensations of pain. If you have an old dental filling that may need to be fixed, this can also cause sensitive teeth. Thankfully, whatever is causing your sensitive teeth, there are a few treatments like a dental crown or desensitizing toothpaste to correct the issue. Remember the very best way to treat your sensitive teeth is to talk to your dentist and come in for a regular checkup and cleaning. With a dental checkup, your situation could be corrected, and you can go back to enjoying your favorite treats and drinks again without any sudden pain.

As you can see, many things could be causing your sensitive teeth. If you would like to have this situation be resolved, please call us today at 916-684-8200 to schedule an appointment and see the best way to correct the issue. Our dental team is happy to help you overcome your sensitive teeth in any way we can.