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Water flossers have the ability to floss your teeth using water instead of traditional floss. Recently, water flossers have become a favorite tool to have in your home for you and your entire family. If you have young children or elderly conditions like arthritis in the hands that make it difficult to floss, then water flossers can be helpful because they are easy to use and very efficient.

Our dentist, Dr. Jorge Rico with Rico Dental in Elk Grove, California, cares about your oral health and encourages you to floss regularly. To help you, our dental team is happy to share information on why water flossers are popular:
-One of the key oral health risks to your smile is plaque buildup. Water flossers have been shown to rinse away and eliminate plaque buildup.
-Jets of water can be powerful tools when used for your oral health care. Water flossers use jet water to blast away debris in your mouth.
-Water flossers are safe for use, but you should speak with your dentist about which product to use. Not all water flossers are created equal.
-The ease of use of water flossers is what gets most people excited about their use. They can be easier to use than several other alternative options.
-With water flossers, you can help provide an additional level of protection for your smile.

If you need help with your oral health, or if you have questions about your smile, please call us today at 916-684-8200 to make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to assist you and help you overcome your oral health problems.