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Do you need to replace some teeth but want something other than dental bridges or dentures? You might try dental implants, which can be stronger than bridges or dentures.

Implants often come as cylindrical posts, but they can also come as a frames. They are often set directly into your jaw bone. Being set into the jaw bone helps the implants become strong foundations for artificial teeth.

We understand that the idea of inserting a metal post into your jaw bone seems uncomfortable. This is not the case, as patients who receive implants often feel more comfortable than those who receive dentures.

Being rooted in the jaw bone helps the implants stay put, whereas dentures have more chances of coming loose. This support can also help you speak and eat more easily than a denture might allow.

Many types of implants have advantages dental bridges do not. Natural teeth often have to be shaved down to support a dental bridge. This gives the bridge an anchor, but those shaved teeth are at greater risk of decay.

Now the risk bridges bring can be prevented with proper oral care, but most implants avoid the problem altogether by not compromising other teeth. Understand though that some implants do use surrounding teeth for support, but they are not the majority.

While implants can give you a strong foundation for replacement teeth, understand that you must have healthy gums and enough bone density in your jaw to receive them. If bone density is low, the implant cannot remain rooted very well. If this is a problem for you, you may try a bone grafting procedure to strengthen your jaw.

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