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Are you struggling with gum disease? If so, you might try laser dentistry to treat the problem. Laser dentistry can be targeted to affect only the inflamed gums, which will significantly reduce discomfort for you and allow you to heal and recover much more easily and quickly.

For this treatment, we focus a laser on the specific areas of your gums that are infected. The laser should only affect those areas, and you should not feel much heat nor discomfort. Some anesthetic can be provided if needed, but you can take comfort knowing that this procedure is generally painless.

What generally happens is the dentist will use the laser to remove the gum tissue that is causing you problems. This allows the dentist to reach and treat the roots of your teeth so he can clean the infection out further. Once this is done, your gums and teeth roots will get back to normal through the natural healing process.

Actually, the healing process is generally faster and easier than other forms of dentistry. Other forms of dentistry, while still tried and true, can require a little more recovery time. Laser treatment is not as extensive, so the treated area requires less time to heal.

If you would like to try this procedure, come visit us at Rico Dental in Elk Grove, California. Dr. Jorge Rico is highly qualified to perform this procedure and treat gum disease for you. You need only call 916-684-8200 to schedule an appointment.